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AquaDart Nano

With iAQUA’s revolutionary DualJet™ technology

AquaDart Pro

The fastest, most powerful sea scooter in the World

Yachting Pages Awards iAqua
'Outright Winner'
Best Water Toy of the Year

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"There were some very high scores from some exceptional toys, but the undisputed winner of the Tried & Tested: Best Water Toy is the iAQUA SeaDart Max. Our selected army of captains and crew were unanimous in their decision, citing the craft’s underwater capabilities, style and intoxicating rider experience."

The new AquaDart Nano Max with new design features and increased power has replaced the SeaDart Max for 2023/24

"We were all staggered at the
sheer strength of the AquaDarts"

Frank Couture - Divemaster / UW Photographer & Free-Diver

Special Offer worth $1,995

sea jet charger for watercraft

FREE Fast Charger included with the AquaDart Pro Max and Pro Xtreme models worth $1,995!

The normal retail price is $1,995 for the Pro Fast Charger, and $1,595 for the Nano Fast Charger, but for all other AquaDart models you can still enjoy a great saving. Choose the Fast Charger for any other AquaDart model just $829, representing a saving of over $500 for the Nano Fast Charger, and over $1,000 for the Pro version - Offer Expires Thursday, 30 November 2023.

With the powerful iAQUA Intelligent Fast Charger you can reduce charging time from 7 to 2 hours on the Pro’s and from 3 to just 1 hour on the Nano’s.