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AquaDart Pro Accessories

AquaDart Pro Bag

This rugged, resilient and robust bag was created for the storage of your AquaDart either over the winter or for daily use. The storage bag is crafted from high-performance, UV-stabilized nylon which is a strong, lightweight and highly durable material. Your AquaDart is further protected by PU foam that lines the nylon exterior and provides excellent impact protection during transportation.

The double-stitching and sleek design create a silhouette of the AquaDart by following the outer shell’s beautiful contours which means your AquaDart looks smart whilst remaining fully protected. A nice feature if it is visible on your yacht. The bag can be used to carry your AquaDart to the beach and has space to include your swimsuit, towels, snorkel and other small beach items.


AquaDart Pro Reflective Cover

This lightweight cover is designed to reflect heat and keeps your iAQUA nice and cool. Ideal for hot climates and when you leave your AquaDart exposed to the elements on the back of your yacht. Easy to take on/off and designed to work with the AquaDart wall/yacht mounts, it keeps out unwanted dust and sand.


AquaDart Pro Rack

Secure your AquaDart conveniently with the AquaDart Rack. Place it on the bulkhead of your yacht or wall of your garage to save floor space. The AquaDart rack is engineered with high performance aluminium alloy for its light weight toughness and corrosion resistance. The aluminium rack is precision machined to match and fit the AquaDart perfectly. The AquaDart is further secured by nylon Velcro straps ensuring the AquaDart is held securely in place even in rough seas. Multiple fixing points are provided to allow installation of the AquaDart rack on multiple surface types.


AquaDart Pro Trolley

Take your AquaDart with you wherever you go on the road or on the beach. Easy to foldaway for storage, the structure is made of rust and corrosion free high strength, lightweight aluminium, providing sturdy support for carrying your AquaDart over the roughest of terrane. You can also strap-on your beach bag, cool box, parasol and other items for a great day on the beach.

As you would expect from iAQUA, high-quality, function and attention to detail are always ‘built-in’. The AquaDart can be easily pulled along sandy beaches thanks to the inflatable balloon-style tyres. The tyres sit on high strength, lightweight, corrosion free wheels with ball bearings that are also engineered to endure environments with high levels of corrosion. Quick-release straps firmly secure your AquaDart so it is safe heading up or downhill and on bumpy tracks.

The AquaDart trolley comes with an additional stowable column and a pilot wheel that enables it to double as a stand or transform into a pushcart on hard surfaces to make moving it even more effortless.


AquaDart Pro Fast Charger

Juice up your AquaDart with this high-powered charger that can fill 80% of the battery in a mere 70 minutes or to 100% in just over two hours! With a constant power output of over 1000 watts, your AquaDart’s high-capacity batteries are charged in just enough time for a quick break between your adventures.

The fast charger can be plugged into any regular power socket with input voltage ranging from 110V to 240V. The intelligent electronics automatically determine the correct settings and switches seamlessly for use in any standard plug point.

Weighing in at just 2KG the AquaDart fast charger is incredibly light for the kind of power it generates. An insulated carry handle is provided on the top of the fast charger to help carry the device effortlessly. iAQUA engineers have also made the charger splash-proof so it can be used safely in the wet environments where AquaDarts are generally used.

For tender garages, and workshops the are also 4 convenient hanging points to keep your charger out of the way, but easy to unhook.