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Join the iAQUA family today!

Become an iAQUA dealer and enjoy all of the following benefits...

Are you ready to dive into the world of high-performance sea scooters? Become a dealer for iAQUA, the leading brand known for its fastest and most advanced dive scooters in the industry.

Here's why joining us as a dealer is a fantastic decision:

Access exciting new products

As an iAQUA dealer, you'll be at the forefront of innovation, gaining exclusive access to our exciting new products that are in the pipeline. Stay ahead of the competition and offer your customers cutting-edge technology.

Enjoy fabulous margins and unparalleled support

Enjoy substantial profit margins as an iAQUA dealer, backed by unparalleled support for service and spare parts. We're committed to ensuring your success and providing the assistance you need every step of the way.

Proven electric drivetrain

Our in-house developed and rigorously tested electric drivetrain sets the benchmark for performance and reliability. With over four years of refinement, iAQUA guarantees you the best technology in the industry.

Safest batteries in the industry

As a leader in safe technology, safety is our top priority, and our sea scooters boast the safest batteries available. Rest assured knowing that our batteries come with a guarantee and full liability coverage for any operation-related incidents.

Easy maintenance and quick turnaround

iAQUA products are designed to be simple to maintain and highly modular. This means low cost, local, easy, quick and hassle-free replacement and turnaround times for your customers, ensuring their satisfaction. You'll never have to send the unit to a remote specialised servicing centre.

Value-added after-sales service

Seize the opportunity to provide exceptional after-sales service and offer a range of aftermarket products. Enhance customer satisfaction and create long-lasting relationships by going the extra mile.

Multiple business plans

With iAQUA, you have the flexibility to choose from multiple business plans, including renting, leasing, and sales. Tailor your approach to meet the demands of your market and your customers, and maximize your revenue potential.

Exclusivity in your region

We believe in rewarding our dealers, which is why we offer both non-exclusivity, and exclusivity in your region based on your sales volume. Establish yourself as the go-to authority for iAQUA products in your area, driving customer loyalty and growth.

High incentives and incredible marketing support

As an iAQUA dealer, you'll enjoy high incentives for promoting our products and generating sales. We also provide incredible marketing support, equipping you with the tools to effectively reach your target audience.

Full dealer support

We understand the importance of ongoing support, which is why our team is available to assist you whether you have questions, need guidance, or require troubleshooting, we're here for you.

Product liability protection

Rest assured, iAQUA dealers are fully protected against any product liability. Our global insurance cover extends to all iAQUA products, ensuring peace of mind for you and your customers.

Help manage your cashflow with iAQUA's attractive buying terms

iAQUA offer a range of attractive finance and credit terms. We accept Letters of Credit, Stripe, Klarna or deposit + 60 days credit for all approved customers.

The best products – as reviewed by industry experts

iAQUA are committed to producing the most innovative, highest quality, most reliable, easy-to-service, competitively priced products in the market.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity to be a part of the iAQUA family, and our world-beating range of water toys. Join us today as a dealer and unlock a world of possibilities in the rapidly growing world of high-performing sea scooters.

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