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Please select one of the following options that best matches your enquiry type and our team will resond to you right away.

General/Sales Enquiry

Any questions in relation to the purchase of an AquaDart or general information.

Technical/Support Enquiry

Any technical questions in relation to your existing AquaDart or iAQUA product

Become an iAQUA Dealer

iAQUA are looking for experienced water sports dealers all over the world. Start your journey selling the World’s highest performace and most reliable dive scooter today.

Rental or Sales Enquiry

(from Scuba, Free-Diving or Adventure businesses)
iAQUA offer competitive fixed price rental programmes which can really give your business the extra edge.

Enquiry from Yacht Manufacturers

iAQUA make bespoke colours, graphics and hanging systems for the yacht industry. Offer your customers the chance to have new AquaDarts custom fitted to their yacht.

Armed Forces, Search & Rescue and Special Operations

AquaDarts have many military uses ranging from minesweeping to underwater stealth operations and have also been shown to be indispensable in Search and Rescue operations. The AquaDarts ability to quickly reach struggling swimmers both on the water and below the surface is unsurpassed. Distressed swimmers can quickly be brought back to shore for urgent medical attention. AquaDart is far more versatile and effective than any strong swimmer or jet-ski and brings beach patrol and search & rescue applications into the 21st century.